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The PIM Process
Powder Injection Molding of ceramics and metal alloys for a wide variety of industry applications. The PIM Process combines injection molding technology with powder metallurgy and ceramic sintering processes to achieve near-net shape high volume production of complex mechanical components.

From industry standard materials to custom development of application specific alloys, Parmatech has the material solution for your demanding design requirements. Materials Scientists coupled with in-house custom alloy development allows for solutions beyond typical component suppliers.

Part Selection
Small mechanical components with complex geometry are ideal candidates for PIM. High volume applications maximize the cost saving benefits inherent with injection molding, giving design engineers a powerful tool to reduce cost on difficult to machine parts.


Characteristic Minimum Maximum Optimum
Mass 0.01 g
0.0004 oz
250 g
8.82 ox
<50 g
<1.75 oz
Wall Thickness 0.125 mm
0.005 in
7.62 mm
0.300 in
2.03 mm
0.080 in
Annual Usage