Open-License Collection

This is a small collection of Creative Commons books, articles, images, etc., plus material distributed under other open licenses and works that are in the public domain. These items are believed to be redistributable, provided that the associated license terms and conditions are met. However, this is not legal advice.


 1. Accelerando - Charles Stross

 2. Last Enemy - H. Beam Piper

 3. Anything You Can Do - Randall Garrett

 4. The Star-Rover - Jack London

 5. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions - Edwin A. Abbott

Short stories:

 6. Blagdaross - Lord Dunsany

 7. Craphound - Cory Doctorow

 8. The Girl Detective - Kelly Link

 9. Stories From The Old Attic - 45 stories and vignettes

10. Lizard Men of Los Angeles - Lewis Shriner

11. Sitcom - Lewis Shriner

12. The Open Window - Saki

13. The Deeds of Mung - Lord Dunsany

14. The Hurricane - Lord Dunsany

15. Zaccarath - Lord Dunsany

Open Source:

16. The Cathedral and the Bazaar - Eric S. Raymond


17. Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide - The art of shell scripting

18. Short Story Manuscript Format - By an SFWA member

19. xkcd - Creative Commons webcomic

Intellectual Property issues:

20. Bound By Law - Duke University

21. Free Culture - Lawrence Lessig


22. Abracadabra - A PDF-format book about the Beatles

Note: Some of the technical documents listed above include external links. The external links may be broken or outdated.